Thursday, July 31, 2014

Smart Glossary - Technical Support

The purpose of a Smart Glossary is to improve our understanding of business terminology more effectively across the organization. It helps to achieve the following capabilities by,

  • The understanding of the core business concepts and terminology of the organization and accuracy of the results by looking at business concepts and associated knowledge.
  • The misuse of data due to inaccurate understanding of the business concepts and terms. 
  • The alignment of the business organizations with the technology assets
The Smart Glossary App has the following features
  • Customize based on organization branding, name of the Glossary page and title of web
  • Glossary Branding defined by specifying the following,
  • Glossary Layout Position ( Left/Top )
  • Glossary Foreground and Background Color by using color picker
  • Description Foreground and Background Color by using color picker
  • Highlighting the selected Glossary Terminology Color and Background Color by using color picker
  • Glossary Border Color by using color picker
  • Security allows only administrator to define the Glossary branding and managing the Glossary terminologies
  • Usability by easy and smooth navigation for Glossary terminology
  • Analytics displays the count of each terminology
  • Portability to manage (add/update/delete) the Glossary terminology

The current version of Smart Glossary App is

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