Thursday, June 9, 2016

Smart Print - Privacy Statement

The Smart Print App will not collect any user data. 

The purpose of Smart Print App is to help business users to get information from SharePoint List/Libraries items into a paper form very efficiently. 

The Smart Print App Supports various list types like Contacts, Links, Workflow Tasks, Site Pages, Pages, Site Assets, App Packages, Style Library etc., 

Below are the some of the features of Smart Print App

  • Single Page Application
  • Customization based on the configurations details
  • Displays List Basic Information's
  • Displays Print Status (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Add/Update New Custom Ribbon Tab Section for Print - Helps to specify the ribbon tab name based on organization desires
  • Print items based on the columns available in the list view
  • Provides an option to specify page title which will display in the print pages
  • Provides an option to specify the page break
  • Provides an option to specify the print mode
  • Provides an option to specify the font size 
  • Provides print preview option for the selected items
  • Provides to print the current view of the page ( OOTB default view )

Contact Us 
For any Technical support please feel free to contact on below email address.

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